metal horse weathervane garden hanger

Horse Weathervane Hanger

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This sleek horse loves the feel of the wind in his mane as he gallops atop the weathervane. The Horse Weathervane Hanger will complement any homestead. The mare is handcrafted in durable galvanized metal, with a blacken mane and sits atop a rustic vintage weathervane with north, south, east & west markers. A weighted glass marble held in a coiled wire & mini metal bell adds balance and weight below, accented in colored acrylic beads. Great for farm owners, nature lovers & horse aficionados.

Note* This item is crafted with metal and is designed to rust over time, enhancing the “Rustic Charm” style. Handcrafted & detailed. Features: colorful marble & mini-bell. Includes 9" spring and hanging hook. Makes a great gift for any horse enthusiast!

Material: Metal
Size: 8.5" x 7" x 16" (includes 9" spring and hanging hook)

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