Pumpkin Harvest Pop Up card
Pumpkin Harvest Pop Up Card
Pumpkin Harvest Pop Up Card

Pumpkin Harvest Pop Up Card

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A spectacular bouquet of pop up Pumpkin Harvest flowers is a thoughtful gift for the most special of occasions. Free from harmful chemicals, this elegant arrangement shows pure intentions for both the receiver and the planet. Paper bouquets cut back on carbon emissions and work to beautify the planet - one heartfelt flower at a time. Share your blessings with a bouquet that never wilts and is a long-lasting reminder of your good wishes. This over-sized, and beauty of a bouquet can be mailed with 3 postage stamps and will make for a long-lasting centerpiece, mantle or side table adornment.

Includes: bouquet, matching bouquet note card, paper vase and mailing envelope

Size: 12"h x 9"w

100% recyclable paper

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